Just DO IT!

Just DO IT!


Exercise is tough!

So just to update everyone who follows, I am a little over three months out from my vertical sleeve surgery. I am down 80 pounds, 11 points from my BMI, 3 inches from my hips, and 4 from my stomach. Life is great. I have had no complications what so ever. I can now eat anything I want but have figured out that white rice and grapes aren’t my friends. Brown rice I can do, and I think my body just can’t digest the skins from grapes yet. Oh man I love them though.  Everything has been running as planned and I couldn’t be more thankful. I just had my three month follow up appointment and they said I was doing GREAT, ahead of schedule on the weight loss. The one thing I am really struggling with though is exercise. Gosh I hate exercising and I used to love it. in my skinnier days. I have to admit losing weight this easily and quickly it is really easy not to exercise. But then I hear  my mom’s voice in my head saying, “You didn’t go through all of this to have a bunch of saggy skin”. And she’s right, I didn’t So now that I know I am on the right track and doing well I am looking for motivational helpers to help me get my ass on the treadmill, on a bike, in the pool, or wherever. I did sign up for some yoga classes with my friend and I am excited for that but not sure this big body is ready for yoga yet. There is no expiration on the classes but I want to get there soon just to see if I can do it. So if any of you are reading this and can serve as some needed motivation for me to exercise I would greatly appreciate it!

80 Pounds Ago………………………..

80 pounds ago I seriously disliked myself.  80 pounds ago I couldn’t take the stairs up to my third floor apartment without stopping and being in a lot of pain. 80 pounds ago I couldn’t walk down stairs without being in pain. 80 pounds ago I still wore a bathing suit, but now, I feel way better in one. 80 pounds ago my fat dug into the seat of my car….not anymore. 80 pounds ago I was wearing a 3x top, most were too small, and size 24-26 bottoms…………..now I’m wearing a 20  on bottom and a 2x on top. 80 pounds ago I didn’t want my picture taken….now I love selfies again!  Before I was always worried if I would fit into certain seats, like on an airplane. Not anymore. 80 pounds ago I slept whenever I got the chance and snored like a bear. Now…. I’ve been told I don’t snore as much or as loud and I am up at the crack of dawn everyday.


80 pounds ago…Life was so different and I’m so glad that time has passed because I will NEVER SEE THAT 80 POUNDS AGAIN! This was me like 50 pounds ago. I don’t even have any of me at 80 pounds ago because I hated what I looked like. 

This is me now…………………my face and everywhere just keeps getting smaller and I love it!


Couldn’t we apply this same principle to food?

Thank you Erin Akey for this post. I do think it should be applied to food, its a great way to think about it!

Erin Akey, FNC, wife, mother, Christian, nutritionist, author, Emerald Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide

I love this picture.  I took it at Wintzell’s Oyster House in Mobile.  It really is a great principle to live by and a guideline we should all follow.  If we did, the world would be a much nicer place for sure!  I starting thinking this weekend about how this same principle could be applied to the food we put into our bodies.

If I rewrite this for food, it would look something like this:  Tell me what you think…….

Three tests:  When I want to put something into my mouth, let me think-                              

First: Is it true? Is the food you are about to eat REAL FOOD or is it a bunch of processed garbage that is created in a lab and not in nature?  If your diet is consisting largely of fast-food (even their salads and grilled…

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Food on the Brain………………and Smoothies!

So it’s been a week and 2 days since surgery. Overall I am feeling quite good. Just last night I had started getting this weird sharp pain in my stomach around the area where one of my incisions are and I mean it was really bad last night, made me cry bad cause I couldn’t figure out how to sit down without having the pain. I then decided that laying down was my best option and shortly thereafter went to bed hoping it would be gone in the morning.

This morning it was a little better, the pain wasn’t so sharp and I called to talk to a nurse at the Surgeon’s office and she said it is probably incision pain and I should  keep an eye on it and call them tomorrow with an update. As long as I wasn’t running a fever or having a racing pulse they weren’t too concerned. That relieved me a bit.

So my biggest issue of late is that food is everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I mean everywhere and I want to eat it. Commercials, commercials, Facebook postings, mailers, flyers in the mail, the books I am reading talk about food, it seems like it is everywhere. Its amazing how you don’t notice this until you can’t actually eat the food. I am still in phase 2 of eating, meaning I can only eat full liquids that can pour off a spoon so Smoothies have been my greatest friend. I am in love with them. However, I am also getting sick of fruity tasting stuff and so last night I had some cream of chicken soup and again ate it for breakfast. It was divine! Who would think something that you probably never ate before except in a casserole could be so delicious! Tonight its tomato bisque for dinner. Can’t wait!

So I think the message here is to be cautious and be aware of all the little food messages that surround us every day. I litterally start salivating when I think about real chicken in my mouth again, or a sandwich or salad. Cooking sounds so exciting! I can’t wait to get beyond this eating phase but I know that time will come and it will be here in one week when I see my surgeon for my post-op appointment. The greatest thing of all of this so far is that I have lost 13 pounds in a little over a week and if you count what I started the pre-op diet then I am down 33 pounds. So that keeps me motivated to not screw up and do what I am supposed to be doing!


“Do a little more each day than you think you can.”
-Lowell Thomas